New Era
New Era

New Era is a free and confidential service focused on providing domestic abuse services in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. New Era works with perpetrators to respond to both the cause and effect of domestic abuse.

  • Our vision is to end relationship abuse
  • The New Era perpetrator service aims to work with anyone that wants to change their abusive behaviour in their relationship
  • The programme is voluntary

Who is the New ERA Perpetrator Programme for?

  • Men and women
  • For both hetero and same sex relationship abuse
  • Young people (16 – 18 year olds) in abusive relationships
  • Children (16 and below) displaying abusive behaviour towards others within their family unit
  • Anyone living in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent

What support is available?

  • One-to-one professional support from qualified specialists in domestic abuse
  • Up to ten sessions of support using ‘Spectrum’ – a programme approved by the Ministry of Justice
  • A longer term intervention of support using Building Better Relationships Programme (30 sessions)
  • Liaison with Victim Support to ensure support is available to victims

Where is the programme delivered?

  • Support will be available across the county from our offices in Stafford, Tamworth and Hanley
  • A number of community hubs will also be used to deliver an outreach service

To find out more about New Era, call 01785 601690 or contact

Or complete a self-referral form – click here.


Who can be referred to the programme?

  • Men or women
  • Any age
  • Anyone from hetero or same sex relationships
  • Living in Staffordshire or Stoke-on-Trent
  • Anyone exhibiting signs of perpetrating abusive behaviour in their relationships (including within a family unit)
  • Perpetrators (anyone being abusive or controlling in their relationships (including within a family unit)
  • Culturally specific abusers (such as FGM, forced marriage)
  • Young people involved in unhealthy relationships

Key points to remember when making a referral:

  • Consent is needed from participants for us to contact them – please ensure you have this
  • The programme is voluntary and needs your support to promote the benefits of the programme and encourage sign up
  • The more detail and information provided the better for New Era in order to ensure risks are managed and participants receive the most suitable method of support
  • We need contact details of victims
  • New Era will assess the suitability of participants to the programme so the team might be in touch for more information

What happens once a referral is received?

  • A case worker will make contact with the participant and invite them for a confidential, non-judgemental discussion to assess motivation to enrol onto a programme
  • A one-to-one meeting will be arranged to discuss individual circumstances, assess risk, agree goals and obtain consent to enrol on to a programme
  • A case worker will recommend the most suitable support plan using our programmes Spectrum or BBR, with agreement from the participant
  • When working with young people, key workers (and family members where relevant) will be involved in the above discussions and processes
  • The participant will attend agreed support sessions on a regular basis and progress will be regularly tracked and monitored by a case worker
  • Feedback will be provided to referring organisations should any circumstances change
  • On completion, evaluation will take place with the participant and contact offered to ensure a safe exit from the programme
  • Opportunities will be made available for participants to develop their skills by becoming a Peer Mentor
  • Additional signposting to other agencies will be available

To find out more about New Era, call 01785 601690 or contact

Or complete a partner agency referral form – click here.