People can turn their lives around with the right support
Our mission is to create safer communities by giving people in the criminal justice system the opportunity to change and the skills to rebuild their lives.
Important Notice

As a leading global human services provider, the APM Group/Ingeus is closely monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pathogen.

As always our first priority is the safety of our clients, customers and employees. All APM/Ingeus centres are closely monitoring their local situation and following the advice of medical health authorities and immediately reporting any suspected cases. Given much of our work is face-to-face, APM/Ingeus has suspended all international travel for employees to high risk countries while ensuring that all recent personal and business travel is reported and, where necessary, employees are self-isolated. Any employees who recently travelled to a high risk country cannot return to work unless they have medical clearance.

In addition, APM/Ingeus has implemented its Universal Infection Control Guidelines and reinforced the need for all employees to exercise proper hygiene to help reduce the spread COVID-19.

The most recent list of high risk countries is: China; Hong Kong (including Macau); Thailand; Japan; Korea, Singapore; Indonesia; Malaysia; Taiwan; Iran; and Italy.

If you are an APM/Ingeus customer or client and have recently visited one of these countries and are scheduled for a meeting with one of our team, please contact your Responsible Officer to notify them and confirm arrangements before attending. If you are feeling unwell, immediately contact NHS 111. Medical authorities warn that the following symptoms could indicate COVID-19 infection: fever; breathing difficulties such as breathlessness; cough; sore throat; fatigue or tiredness.

APM/Ingeus will continue to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 and update our website with any new advice.

Working together to change lives and make communities safer
The Reducing Reoffending Partnership aims to deliver a step-change in the provision of offender rehabilitation services to help reduce reoffending rates in the UK.
The Reducing Reoffending Partnership is a groundbreaking new partnership between St Giles Trust, Ingeus and CGL (formerly CRI), working together with Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire & Rutland and Staffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Companies.
The issues driving people into a destructive cycle of prison, disadvantage and reoffending are highly complex and we know we cannot tackle these problems on our own. We are committed to working in partnership with local providers who have a wealth of expertise and insight. We will also be building upon the excellent work of the probation service.
Our focus is making a positive impact
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